Thursday, March 10, 2011

All the News that Fits?

Did you know protesters shut down a bank in Washington DC Monday?

I've been keeping my political views to myself lately, part of a New Year's resolution to stay on a more emotionally even keel. But this is one I can't NOT mention.

I learned about the Coffee Party recently - a movement to demand the corporations simply pay the taxes they already owe but are dodging. It's a movement that started in the UK, and here in the US they're calling it the Coffee Party. But it wasn't the Coffee Party that organized the shut down.

Six hundred people marched on K Street Monday. Three hundred jammed into the Bank of America lobby and the bank had to shut down. I didn't hear about it on the mainstream news. In fact, I had to dig through the Washington Post blogs to find confirmation. But here's what happened, courtesy Democracy Now:

Protesters Shut Down DC Bank of America

And if you're tired of not hearing what happens, I've found another source besides Democracy Now. Before It's News.

The Internet is finally proving its value. And I have a feeling the bank branch is just the beginning.

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