Thursday, March 26, 2009

Doing Good is Good For Business

"I gave at the office" just isn't good enough now. President Obama and the First Lady are hammering home the message that we have to recommit to service - going out of our way to help each other.
And business is finding that if it doesn't act like a good neighbor, it hurts the bottom line.
Cheryl Heller owns Heller Communications Designs - she says the companies that take social innovation and responsibility seriously are operating at an entirely different level of success than the dinosaurs that just don't get it. One of the winners? Proctor and Gamble. Really. That's what she said.
Dan Jacobs started knowing that if he could demonstrate that doing good is good for business, he'd get corporate cooperation. It's working.
And today I spoke with Liz Neumark...she owns Great Performances in NYC - a catering service and series of cafes in some of the city's most exclusive places. She employs people in the arts - they're smart, they're engaging and man do they need work. Plus she bought a farm in NY's Hudson Valley. She raises enough vegetables to not only supply her business needs, but she donates food to the hungry.
That's business you can feel good about.

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