Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How is the Recession Affecting You?

I had a poll on this site for the past few weeks. The question was simple.
"How is the recession affecting you?" There were four possible answers and I kept those simple, too.
Voters chose among "No effect", "I'm budgeting more carefully", "I'm on the edge", and "I'm in trouble".
It's a little blog - I didn't expect many answers. But the ones I got were interesting.
Of 13 responses, 8 chose "I'm on the edge." 3 chose "I'm budgeting more carefully."
2 chose "I'm in trouble".
I'm no Zogby, but honestly I was surprised. I expected the votes to weigh more heavily on the "budgeting" line. But the votes predominately indicated people who were far worse off than that, people who are barely holding it together as they teeter on the brink of financial disaster.
I've seen enough polls to understand there are variables here. Perhaps some people who felt better about things didn't bother to vote. People who feel desperate are more likely to speak up than people who are feeling safe.
But still.
8 out of 13 people saying they're "on the edge". That's worrisome.

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pinkpackrat said...

worrisome indeed--will be interested to hear what happens if you do another poll in a month or two--my fingers are crossed:-)