Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Economy and You: Tell Your Story

Are you mad as hell? Scared to death? Optimistic? Skeptical and cynical? Are you eating out less? Cutting way back? Losing your home? Losing your job?
I'm not the only one interested in your story.

GroundReport, a project that collects first person reports on news stories, is looking for videos which are being collected for a TV program called Worldfocus.

Here's the note I got from them:

Has the sinking economy changed your life?

Tell the world how in a quick video, and your story could be aired on US television program Worldfocus.

We want to know, "How has the economic crisis changed your life?"

* How are you cutting back?
* Have shops around you closed?
* Are bills piling up?
* Can you afford doctors and medicine?
* How is your family's life different?

Want to respond? Watch the video question on GroundReport. Then show us the changes in your life in a short video and upload it to GroundReport with the headline "My Life in the Economic Crisis." The deadline is February 28th, so start filming today.

This topic is the latest from Talk To US, a new partnership between Worldfocus and GroundReport that asks the world for its perspectives on the latest news.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab a camera and start talking!
And while you're at it, send a copy to the president at Recovery.gov


pinkpackrat said...

Great idea-- I'm a Worldfocus fan--watch it often on PBS--think it is done( and very well too) by The Christian Science Monitor folks. Thanks for the heads-up.

Fortunately, no drama for me personally, yet but I've got my seatbelt fastened 'cause I know it's gonna be a bumpy ride for all of us.

Susan said...

I think I'm too immersed in this by covering the news everyday. I hear too many stories of personal drama...enough to make me feel pretty disheartened by the end of the day. Perhaps that's why I think the President's ability to inspire is a such a gift right now. If you're really down, a morale boost may be the most important stimulus of all.