Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shameless Plug Department

My guy, the very talented Mr. Kevin Bartlett, has a new album out. If you know anything about indie music, you know it's not easy to get the word out without the big record company machine behind you. So you get help from your friends.

Go here. Listen.
If you like it you can buy a CD or download there or on iTunes.

I have been hearing this EP evolve for the past two years and have fallen madly in love with every single song. I am biased, yes, I am. But I'm not alone. This guy, known for gorgeous, lush, symphonic movie soundtracks has suddenly stood in front of the microphone and recorded songs that are singable, intelligent, interesting and just plain fun to listen to. And that's what other people are saying. I could say much more.

If you want a giggle, pay attention to the white girl church choir backing vocals on "Dear" in the Headlights and the bridge in Cool Thing. That would be me and, on Cool Thing, my daughter.

Another fantasy fulfilled. I got to sing backup on a rock album! My next fantasy is to be able to sing like the way-cool wailing backup on Cool Thing. That's Machan Taylor. Maybe in my next life.


Liza said...

Ring it up Itunes!
I really enjoyed all of the previews, especially Car With No Wheels, and Hold You.
"I don't want to know about your lonely hours,
or your psychic powers"
Congrats to your guy, and to you on a fulfilled fantasy.

Reya Mellicker said...

Very cool! What great songs, and even cooler to know you're singing.

One of my big fantasies for years centers around being a back up singer. Wow.

Susan said...

Lisa - thanks! He does have a way with the attitude-lyrics, no?

Reya - when he tours, maybe we'll get to DC and you and I can get together and sing along in the audience.