Sunday, August 8, 2010

Life is Passing Me By on the NYS Thruway or Where the Hell Am I Going Anyway?

Sorry I haven't been around to write. Even sorrier I haven't had time to catch up with the wonderful bloggers I've found. Life got stupid.

I'm driving an hour each way to work every day, working in an office in a corporate setting, learning the new information I need to know, slowly figuring it out and getting things into a system in my head which makes sense. It took a good three months.

Now I'm able to sit back for a second, at least, and wonder where the time is going in such a hurry.

I'm missing the summer - I just haven't noticed much. I cruise down the highway practicing with my new Spanish CDs.

Tengo trabajar; no ai una hora escribir. Lo siento.

I get home, eat, then march up to my office to work on my other job. I'm still doing a radio show. I still enjoy it. But man - I don't think I'd know how to lie on a beach and do nothing right now even if I could.

I would, however, love to learn again.

My guy, whose new EP is out, is finding himself equally busy. The studio, which for awhile was his quiet haven from the rest of the world, is now hopping with people who want to make records, who need him to compose music for a commercial, and he's still trying to finish off the rest of the songs to release a full LP that coordinates with radio promotion and a tour.

Deep breath.

But I planted some flowers today and I have gotten an inordinate amount of satisfaction from seeing them outside the screened in porch.


Liza said...

that connection to nature never loses its awe factor, even when life gets stupid. the deep breaths definitely help.

I am totally amazed at how some bloggers make it around the blogosphere the way that they do. I am a turtle!

Susan said...

That navigation takes time, Liza, which I think many of us just don't seem to have. I guess it's got to be quality instead of quantity - but I'm a big fan of a few good blogs and their writers and sometimes I find new ones.

Reya Mellicker said...

That's so smart of you - to learn Spanish while driving back and forth. I salute you!