Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bill Moyers Is My Hero

Moyers is out there digging up the dirt to see what's underneath, accompanied on television, mostly, by Jon Stewart. If you haven't seen Stewart's feature on Timothy Geithner's real estate issues, it's worth a watch. But this post is about corruption at the top. And the press, with just a few exceptions, is ignoring it.

What a pitiful state of affairs. Go sit in the corner, Anderson. Sit on the dunce seat, Wolf. Fox, never mind. Rachel, you go, girl. But don't just focus on marketing firms - start making noise at the top.

America, World, watch and weep. This is what we are right now. It's all about money.


pinkpackrat said...

well here we are watching the fall of the Roman Empire all over again-- what was that about "doomed to repeat"??? totally agree, Susan. Great post and great video. Bill Moyers is my hero too.

Susan said...

We do preach to the choir with each other, don't we?
Okay, everyone else. Start making noise.
Who's your Senator? Write.
Your Congressional rep? Write. Call.
Demand accountability.
Or continue to be fleeced like the sheep we are.