Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Enough to Make You Say "Ralph"

Thanks to Freesia Lane for this one (Freesia Lane)but the more it gets posted the better.

Not only did Ralph Lauren's company hyper-photoshop this model into something that would seem to require a caption saying, "I, Jack, the Pumpkin King" (come on - you saw A Nightmare Before Christmas), but they fired her. She couldn't fulfill the terms of her contract, said they.

She was too fat for their clothes at her usual size 4, says she.

What does Ralph say?

If you post this picture, he wants to sue for copyright infringement.

What an all-American guy he truly is.

I host a women's issues show. I've spoken to Jean Kilbourne, who's been fighting this kind of nightmare for twenty years. I've seen my daughter and her friends envying that size zero stick in her skinny jeans. I've taught high school girls who proudly compare how little they eat each day.

They want to be models. Just like Ralph Lauren's ideal, physically impossible stick woman.

Ralph, you are the problem. You, Calvin Klein, and the other designers and ad people who want human hangers on which to drape your clothes. I wish we could just ignore you, but you're having an impact - a bad one.

You CAN be too thin. And women are growing very, very tired of being told they should hate how they look. Remember, those same messages are bundled with the
'Be confident. Confidence IS beauty!' message. How, precisely, do you combine loathing for your own body with confidence?

Real women have curves. Real women look like women, not pre-pubescent boys. Real women are gorgeous and no, real women don't have to be fat. Who convinced us that only the waif was beautiful?

Catherine Deneuve
Sophia Loren
Marilyn Monroe
Jennifer Lopez
Beyonce Knowles

Have I made my point? Let Ralph know what you think.

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pinkpackrat said...

It is frightening to watch eleven year old girls going on diets and 55 year olds having boob jobs and tummy tucks. What a crazy country the Ralphs of this world have turned us into. Definitely makes me want to " ralph"