Friday, October 16, 2009

The United States of Paranoia

I was being a couch potato. Minding my own business. Flipping from channel to channel without any goal or much thought. I landed on the Christian channel and how I wish I could tell you exactly who I was watching because I'm having trouble believing what I heard.

There was the requisite pompadoured silver haired man at a news desk with his co-anchor, the equally plastic-haired and sincere "Rexana". Ring a bell with any of you? The name stuck with me.

But here's what he told me, with great assurance and lots of bible references to back it up.

The flu vaccine is just part of a plot to create a new world order. The H1N1 virus is a manufactured emergency which gives "them" the opportunity to implant microchips in all of us.

Who are "they"? Oh, he told me. The Illuminati. The Bilderbergs. President Obama.
It's all right there in the bible. He had some name for Rome that I can't recall now but I believe he was referring to the Vatican and made it sound like the Church was pretty much calling the shots when it came to the creation of the European Union.
So I guess the pope's part of this conspiracy as well.

There were references to the rapture, about how all the good Christians would be taken into heaven, but I got the impression they were worried that the microchips might be an obstacle to that happy conclusion.

I'm floored. I know there are conspiracy theories. Hell, sometimes I think some of them have some validity. What are the Bilderbergs discussing at those meetings, anyway? Their favorite golf courses?

But this is going way over the edge, even for me. The fundamentalist Christians don't want you to get a flu vaccination because the government is going to implant you with a microchip?

Like all paranoia, there's just enough to it to make you wonder for a minute. And then you have to make a choice. Are you willing to risk your life, your children's lives, on the chance that it's just a big conspiracy to get control of you?

Let's face it. If you've been sucked into Google World, they already have plenty of information on you. I vote for living and then if there is a conspiracy and I don't like the look of it, I'll be glad to join the resistance.


Here's where some of it comes from, no doubt. Like most paranoia, it has a basis in fact.
Microchips and flu vaccine

Care to step farther off the edge? How about a bracelet that's designed to do the same thing?


Pauline said...

Interesting - I always thought and organized religion was a giant conspiracy theory...

Susan said...

Guess that would predispose them to see other, competing, conspiracies, wouldn't it, Pauline!