Monday, February 29, 2016

Donald Drumpf

I've watched the rise of a wealthy, ridiculous yet frightening blowhard with disbelief. And kept waiting for someone, anyone, to point out the screamingly obvious.

Thank you, John Oliver. You came through.

If my Internet would cooperate and let me post it without a link I would  - but view it at this link:


I wanted to stand up and cheer. Instead I posted it everywhere I could think of.

This isn't a short segment. But every single word is worth hearing, particularly if you're amused by our reality-show presidential candidate. He is not funny. His popularity is a frightening sign of the increasing madness of this country. Perhaps it is too late for us; perhaps we're too far 'round the bend.
But maybe not. Maybe all we need to do is remember that Trump is just a made up name.

The damage he can do, however, is very very real.