Thursday, February 23, 2017


I've gone through all the stages of grief since the election except one: acceptance. Nope. Not doing that. I do not accept that this is "normal."

I do not accept that the Toddler In Chief has a sustainable presidency.

I do not accept that my tax dollars pay for him to shoot off his mouth, ignore briefings, spout hate, issue random orders, pander to his fans, then take off to Florida to play golf.

There is no such thing as "alternative facts" - those are lies.

Spin is also a way of lying.

Alt-right is a revisionist word for fascism and white supremacy.

Bullying is bullying.

Stupidity is stupidity.

Cluelessness, intolerance, slogans with no get the picture.

I'm done trying to understand people who support this dangerous buffoon. He has shown his hand, then doubled down on it, and if they still think he's okay, then I'm not okay with them.

I'm not okay with his circle of advisors, the apologists for hate, the fear-mongers.

I'm not okay with a lazy press, and if CNN tries to tell me there is a "Southern White House" one more time I may lose my mind. There isn't. Trump has a vacation house that is now an amazing investment in Florida, and he's making us pay for his weekly trips there.

If (perhaps I should say 'when') he's ousted, we get Pence. He is a policy nightmare and used the dreaded Obamacare (thanks, media, for running with that term and confusing the masses who thought the ACA was something different) to solve the disaster he created in Indiana.

At least he doesn't appear to be emotionally unhinged.

Sad to think that's an improvement. But it is.

Don't think I'm letting the Democrats off the hook. The DNC gave us this mess. Clinton gave us this mess. They refused to believe their version of status quo was going to lose the election. They STILL refuse to believe it, and rumors that Chelsea Clinton might run for office makes me want to lose my lunch.

The Run For Something movement, the Resist Movement, the Indivisible movement, the Brand New Congress movement, these give me some hope. Not much, admittedly, until they all band together...but I have hopes they will.

Bernie Sanders is a light in the dark right now, and I am grateful for his consistency. He speaks out. He calls a lie a lie.

Connecticut's Chris Murphy has been fearless in his opposition to Trump's agenda.
We need more of that.

 Congressional Democrats seem to be beginning to see the way the wind is blowing. They need to fight back harder. They don't have the luxury of getting tired. They wanted the job: now they need to do it.

The GOP is hoping that the opposition will blow itself out. I'm hoping they're wrong.
We are tired already. But if we rest, we lose.

We've won every skirmish when we stood strong against this pitiful president and his agenda of greed and hate.

If Trump's fans want to call us snowflakes, that's just fine.

This is a blizzard.