Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Really? I'm Not Dreaming?

I'm trying really hard to adjust here - I've been cynical about the resident of the White House for so very long that I think it's going to take me awhile to accept that I don't have to be anymore.

Barack Obama won. Those may well be the most incredible three words I've ever written.

I spent the night covering regional elections, so I was with political animals. Even they were overwhelmed as the map clearly showed Obama heading for a victory. I don't think I'm capable of full paragraphs today, so here are some impressions from an incredible night:

My 21 year old son, who often despairs of the world, gleefully tell me on the phone that it is just "un-bleeping-believable!!!"

My 19 year old daughter's voice on the phone cheering: "I was with a crowd of people and I just saw history being made! Way to make my first vote count, huh?"

John McCain's graciousness as he conceded.

Jesse Jackson's tear-stained face at the stadium in Chicago.

My own tears as Obama spoke to the crowd. I feel like I've woken from a nightmare. Maybe I belong in this country after all.

The spontaneous celebration at the gates of the White House. What must George Bush be thinking?

I spoke to one of my favorite local politicians who is a student of the system as well as a member of it: "Was this a revolution tonight?" "I don't know if it was a revolution," he said with a grin, "but it sure feels good!"

Amen, brother.

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