Friday, January 8, 2010

My Inner Warzone - Drugs Vs. Lyme

I mentioned I've had an alien invasion going on in my body for the past six months. Lyme disease snuck in without me noticing (apparently it learns - I spotted it quickly the first time and squashed it flat). In six months, I'm sure it's managed to go anywhere it wants to, and I know that heart and brain are two of its favorite vacation resorts.

The battle has begun: I'm on a heavy duty antibiotics as well as a horse-sized weekly dose of vitamin D. And believe it or not, I feel worse than I have in six months. I'm assuming that means the soldiers I've just deployed against the Lyme hoardes have found the enemy and they're on the attack. I picture them, the tough looking Antibiotic Brigade, armed to the teeth and wiping out everything in their path (including all the natural flora that I'm going to have to replenish), clashing with the evil, parasitic Lyme spirochetes. The Lyme troops use me for their fuel, tapping into whatever I've got to recharge them when they get tired. Thus the need for a massive strike by the Antibiotic Brigade: their only hope it to consistently overwhelm the Lyme Hoardes. I expect I pay the price either way.

I sat through a full day of jury duty yesterday and during a short break, caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My eyes were so glassy I'm surprised no one gave me a field sobriety test. I got home and moved from couch to chair and back to couch. KB, wonderful man that he is, waited on me hand and foot. I fell into bed, convinced I'd crash within moments. But that's the cruel part.

I laid there for better than an hour, wide awake. I closed my eyes, figuring at least I'd give them a break. But sleep eluded me as it has for the past several days. Why is that?

It happens to all of us. We're exhausted. We're drained. We're dead on our feet. We fall into bed and something says, "Nah. Stay awake a while longer." Try as we might, it takes hours sometimes to finally fall asleep.

I've read the books. Consciously relax your body. Let your mind drift. Focus your mind on something banal. Drink warm milk, herb tea. Get warmer. Get colder. Phooey.

But I finally slept, I feel slightly better (could that be because I can work from home today?) and it's the weekend. Hope springs eternal.

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