Wednesday, March 24, 2010

America, Meet The New Kid

Here's this morning's Daily Beast:

1.Americans' Change of Heart on Health Care

It didn't take long for Americans to come around on health-care reform: A new USA Today/Gallup poll shows 49 percent of Americans saying health-care reform is a "good thing," with only 40 percent saying it is bad. This is a marked reversal from polling from before the legislation was passed and signed, which typically showed the public opposed. Forty-eight percent of respondents also say it's just a "good first step" that needs to be followed up with more action. Additionally, congressional Republicans rate the lowest out of all the major players: 26 percent said their work was excellent or good, while 34 percent say it was poor; for congressional Democrats, those numbers are 32 and 33 percent; for Barack Obama, they're 46 and 31 percent.

I'm finding this not only encouraging, but kind of funny. So like me, many Americans in general were just not sure what this new law involved. And like me, the more they hear, the more they're inclined to think it's an adequate first step, though it needs a lot more work. And like me, they're not impressed with the terror tactics of the opposition.

This morning's professional email inbox held a letter from a Republican legislator warning that this bill will "kill more Americans than the 9-11 attacks."

If you want to guarantee turning off everyone but the most extreme, conspiracy-theory, paranoid among us, this is a surefire winner.

I am so sick of the flapping gums in DC. I don't think I'm alone in that either. I am not brain dead and I do not need you to tell me what to think.

Again, I repeat and in a very non-partisan, "this applies to you all" way: Thanks for getting something done, Congress. Now shut up and make it better.


JamaGenie said...

The bill just signed into law is not the "overhaul" of health care. True overhaul would consist of one paragraph, to wit: "No person domiciled in the United States will be denied, on the basis of age, ethnicity or income, any medical procedure and/or treatment deemed necessary or appropriate by his or her physician".

A second paragraph would state that such procedures and treatments would be funded through a tax similar to Social Security.

The many hundred page bill just signed into law IS only a first step to true reform, but a landmark step nonetheless.

Yes, Congress, stop jabbering now and make it better!

pinkpackrat said...

You nailed it, Susan and I love the graphic. You said it all so I reblogged you on my blog--once again:-)

Reya Mellicker said...

I'm content to allow those who think they can figure out how to make it work. I, for one, am so happy that SOMETHING happened!