Monday, April 26, 2010

Some Old Stuff

Alexandra Barnes - Embracing Chaos

Writing homesite for Alexandra Barnes. Short stories, tidbits of novels finished and in progress, links to published stories, good stuff that's worth sharing.

This was my blog. It wasn't a blog, really. Just a place to put links to stories I'd written under my pen name.

I can't remember the password, don't know how to claim it. Kinda like life, huh?

Sometimes you look back and you certainly recognize yourself, but you're just not quite sure how you could fit yourself into what once felt completely comfortable.

I guess we keep growing, even when we're older.

But this is mine. It's me. And one way to claim it just to put it right out here with who I am now.

A lot of the links are dead now. But some things are still there.

Plus I love that story "The Susan Float".


Pauline said...

omg, I love The Susan Float, too! That was a marvelous word picture and the ending line was perfect!

Susan said...

Thanks, Pauline. It wasn't planned, which was why I loved it so much. It just ended that way and I was totally surprised, too.

Reya Mellicker said...

You're brave. When my old blog was done, I deleted it. Looking backwards, for me, always makes me cringe. But your "old" stuff is great. Bravo!