Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Civil Public Discourse - I think not

Enough is enough, already.  I've had it.  America has forgotten its manners and the fans of what they call good old fashioned American family values are currently the worst offenders.

Rush Limbaugh is not worth discussing.  He hasn't been for some time.  The disconnect between his views and his life makes everything he has to say just noise.  I'm not surprised at his latest sexist rant.  I am surprised anyone - anyone! - would defend him.

This post was inspired by someone specific, yes indeed. Someone I know wrote a Facebook post agreeing with Limbaugh after he demanded sex tapes from a college student speaking up for insurance coverage for contraception.  This person said Limbaugh was "right!" for calling her a slut and prostitute.

No, he wasn't. You're wrong. 

It's also a gut reaction to Rick Santorum's assertion that only a "snob" wants a college education for America's young people.

I thought that the American dream was to want better for your children.  Instead, now we're supposed to view higher education as sour grapes - since we can't afford it, it must be something we didn't want anyway.
What an incredibly transparent ploy to persuade the disappearing middle class that there's nothing wrong with our system.

That's the end of it for me. 

There is NO excuse for character assassination in a policy debate.  I've had it with name-calling and I refuse to try to understand this angry hysteria any more. Snob - slut - prostitute - those words have NO place in this conversation.  Any similar words from the other side - equally inappropriate.

These rants are indistinguishable from childish temper tantrums - and I have no patience for them.  I hereby declare my independence - I can't hear you when you use that tone of voice.

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