Monday, August 11, 2008

Publicists are People, too.

The Show with Issues gets some attention from the world of publicists. It's apparently listed on some master list as a place to get your women guests a little air time. I had no idea that I didn't necessarily have to hunt for people to talk to - they come knocking on my door.
Or, more accurately, ringing my phone when I'm 15 minutes to deadline and my fingers are tapping out a news story at 80 miles per hour.
I try to be polite. They're offering me interviews and sometime what they're offering is gold.
For instance, one publicist hooked me up with two amazing women who had written books on the Iraq war...what we should have learned from our mistakes there, and why/how big oil is pulling the strings. Fascinating stuff.
But then there's the sincere, eager phone call pushing a book that, when I read it, is just so poorly done that I can't get past the second chapter. What do you say?
"I'm sorry. That's the worst garbage I've ever read and I'm sorry you have to try to sell it"?
The latest call came from someone wanting me to interview the "First Lady of Fiction." My mom used to read her stuff - it was pretty puffy fare. Not my taste. It was also 15 minutes to deadline (of course). But I wrote back later in the day (emails are far preferred by this particular host) and after second and third thoughts, decided it would be stupid to let the opportunity pass just because I don't like her books. Who says I'm the authority? Plenty of people like her. Or I'm guessing they do.
So I suggested she'd fit nicely in the segment I try to reserve for artists. I have a feeling The Author will be expecting a far longer interview, but perhaps we'll hit it off and have a rollicking good discussion that I'll be glad to have done.
Or maybe I'll put it in the 'someday' pile.
But the publicist will be happy. And that counts for something.

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