Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vaguely Off

Ever have one of those "I'm not sick but I'm not well" days? Weeks, even? Me, too.

I couldn't tell you what exactly is wrong. Maybe Lyme is rearing its ugly head again (it does that sometimes). Maybe I'm sublimating stress and it's leaking into my skull and stomach. Maybe I'm just sick...or going to be.

All I can tell you is that I'm usually pretty even-tempered, if a bit neurotic. But I've been cranky. By my own rather strict standards, perhaps even bitchy.

Not a good move when you're living with a highly sensitive man. A bit of what's bothering me hissed out in his direction last night, so in addition to not feeling well I felt horribly guilty.

I apologized with all my heart and took me off to bed at nine pm, where I stayed for a solid ten hours and still felt 'off' when I woke in the morning.

Took myself off to work, did what was required and even a bit more, but just couldn't face a media panel after work. They wanted to know how they could get more media coverage and as my head began to roar I had to call and tell them that, today at least, they just didn't want to hear what I would probably say.

I'll pay a few bills tonight and perhaps fall into bed early again. Ah, life in the fast lane.

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