Thursday, September 11, 2008

No - Really?

This is just too amazing. HSO came home today and informed me that someone he knows had this to say about the election:

"How can you not vote for a prisoner of war?"

No. Really? This is as far as people's thinking goes? Not "what's his position on the environment, war, the economy, our relationship with the rest of the world"...none of that? Just vote for the guy who caught a bad break during a war and endured?

This is a supposedly intelligent person. But this is how they're choosing the next president.

Oh...and let's not forget this other nugget from the same source.

"Black people really have come a long way."

I agree it's just adorable how Barack Obama has managed to hold his own on the national scene. I'm so proud.

I think those scientists in Sweden had better hurry up with that black hole. We're overdue. I don't think we're smart enough to survive here much longer.

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