Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tyranny and Tears

A rough few son went into surgery yesterday for a back problem. He's 21 and years of basketball apparently created havoc somewhere in there, leading to constant pain and the sad sight of a handsome, tall fellow hobbling like an arthritic senior.
The surgery went well. But the anesthesia didn't. He's squeaky clean, this guy, and he's never been hit with anything like the load of drugs they pumped into him. They expected him to go home the same day. No way. He was sick for hours and was finally admitted overnight.
He's home now and recuperating, but I spent an entire day worried that we were headed for disaster. I am a worrier. I admit it. But come on...your child is having a bad reaction to drugs and they pump a new one into his IV after saying, "Is he allergic to this?"
I wanted to scream.
So they took their chances, it was all right, and I spent 15 minutes waiting to see if he'd go into shock. Overreacting, you think? I've watched his sister start to go into shock after being given an antibiotic no one knew she would prove to be allergic to. It's terrifying.
I'm tired and I'm dying to get back to my own bed and I'm very relieved he seems to be alright.
And this, despite all the bad news these days, gave me some hope...

Watch and see if it doesn't inspire you.

The Threat of Tyranny

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