Sunday, February 7, 2010

Heaven On Earth

It's blizzarding in some parts of the US, sunny and cold in others (like here in the Catskills), god only knows elsewhere. But it's probably gorgeous in Saba.

That's where I took this photo. It was six years ago but it feels like yesterday; this is an island in the Dutch Antilles that isn't easily forgotten.

I'd been to the Caribbean once when I was thirteen; I went to Maui on my honeymoon.
This was my first tropical experience in a very long time and absolutely the most breathtaking place I have ever seen.

Saba's wildly popular with European snorkling enthusiasts (that's such a clumsy-sounding name for such a wonderful pasttime) who appreciate the incredibly clear water, the bountiful sealife and the quiet, nearly-all-alone-in-the-universe feel of the experience.

I followed a sea turtle who was flying gently through the water; I let myself be dragged through a narrow pass between two rocks by roaring waves after I realized that the water was so salty that I could float with absolutely no effort. I love the water, but this was the most incredible experience ever.

This is a view overlooking my favorite spot on the island; a rock in the the neighborhood of Hell's Gate (named for the fearsome winds that can roar in off the ocean). I sat on that rock every morning with a cup of coffee, facing a panoramic, 180 degree view of the ocean without another soul in sight.

Look next to the larger building - that was my inn. See the white road? Follow it to the top. The rock is there.


Where's your spot? Tell me about it. Winter is a fine time to share stories of outdoor paradises.


Russell said...

What a great place! Wow!

I guess right now I would say I would like to be in Vancouver. It is warm and pleasant there but if you go up to Whistler you can see all the outdoor winter sports.

I would enjoy that combination of warm, pleasant city environment mixed in with outdoor winter fun -- where there is a lot of snow but it is not frigid.

Here in Iowa we have ice, ice and more ice. Today it is snowing (again) and by Tuesday another blizzard is forecast.

Let's see. There IS an airport in Des Moines and I could be in Vancouver later in the day..... Hmmm.....

Where is my credit card?!!?! I have done crazier things!

Susan said...

Do it, Russell. I like Iowa fine, but sounds like you're ready for a Vancouver vacation. The snow and ice will be there when you get back, undoubtedly.

RE - BadGalsRadio said...

Saba and St. Eustacius are both beautiful. I went on the catamarran from St. Martin and will never forget the beautiful harbor and the bright turquoise water. what a beautiful place. I can imagine that those who are trapped in the snow are really enjoying this pic Susan.

another great post, and btw, you are featured today on our front page. Thanks Again New Friend in My Head.

Reya Mellicker said...

I spent my honeymoon on the big island of Hawaii which is so lunar and strange, though lovely.

For me, the Caribbean is as close as one can get to perfection. I remember looking down at the water from the small airplane that took us from Miami to Barbados. Couldn't BELIEVE the color!

The African bloggers I know take trips to Mozambique which looks so incredible. I would love to see that someday.

Susan Deborah said...

Dear Susan:

Never been outside India but inside India I guess Himalaya is something lovely!! Ganges flowing, rhododendrons sprinkling the wayside, small tea shacks and lovely silver oaks.

Come sometime over here.

Joy always,